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Case Study

Revolutionizing the End-to-End Employee Experience

Asponte partnered with Prudential to create a more engaging digital experience for their employees and to streamline updates for their content creators. Our goal became a site with an intuitive interface resembling external social media sites their employees already enjoy and an improved backend interface allowing content developers to increase deployment frequency.

The first step was to tackle the slow development processes. Asponte provided senior consultants experienced with Agile software development as project leads. Our consultants worked side-by-side with Prudential’s technical teams to shape a new development strategy to deliver updates at an accelerated pace. It began with a 6 week pilot for Agile and the results speak for themselves.

Throughout our partnership with Prudential, this multifaceted project evolved over time. To deliver both the social media experience to employees and the streamlined development processes to content creators we addressed: user interface updates, reorganization of the MyPrudential information architecture, upgrading the underlying software to DX v8.0, improving the end user search experience, streamlining the content authoring process, and increasing the drag-and-drop nature of development components so that MyPrudential could remain modular and personalizable for the future.


  • HCL Digital Experience: Extensive use of IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager as the backbone of the MyPrudential solution
  • HCL Connections: The source of engagement between employees, surfaced through HCL DX
  • IBM Watson Explorer: The engine that powered an improved search experience and insights to deliver the right information

The success story at Prudential started almost immediately. Perception is reality and the business users at Prudential found that more functionality was delivered in the 6-week Agile development pilot than had been delivered in the previous 12 months! With such quick improvement seen, 90% of Prudential IT had converted to Agile teams within 1 year of the pilot completion. The team at Asponte was able to upgrade to DX v8.0 and then to DX v8.5 without any down time to the scrum team developers.