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Case Study

Reviving an Ailing Network: Remedies for Network-Related Performance Issues

Asponte Prescribes a dose Digital Experience to heal Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ Website Performance Issues.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is a global medical technology company based in Raritan, New Jersey operating in more than 130 countries offering a portfolio of more than 200 diagnostic tests. The company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing in vitro diagnostic products and services for clinical laboratory testing and offers training and support to laboratory professionals to help them improve their skills and provide better patient care.

Business Challenge

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ web site was receiving many performance-related complaints which they believed to be a network level problem. Asponte found during a Google Analytics review that requests can exceed 60 seconds to complete. Additionally, the IBM WebSphere Plugin Log showed failed connections to the Application Server.

Our Approach

First, IBM Support was consulted regarding the failed connections. They reviewed the TCP Dump files and suggested that additional support was required in the form of Network Trace and Problem Analysis. Based on their analysis, our team concluded that the performance issue was due to a network-level problem.

To address the issue, Asponte team members reviewed Ortho’s network infrastructure and took steps to optimize it, including a monitoring system to track the website’s performance and identify any future issues.

Asponte next implemented a managed services plan for Ortho’s Portal DX, including platform maintenance, operational support, infrastructure maintenance, incident management, and application maintenance.

Software/Products Leveraged

  • HCL Digital Experience
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server



Through a collaborative effort, the performance issues on the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics website were successfully diagnosed and addressed. By implementing Asponte’s customized managed services package, their website’s performance and stability werewas significantly improved, leading to a better user experience for both internal and external customers. With Asponte’s managed services’ monitoring, any issues related Ortho Clinical Diagnostics HCL DX platform were proactively addressed and support requests were reduced to normal operations.