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Asponte infrastructure services help companies by engineering environments that are advanced and flexible for large-scale applications and deployments. We can implement any type of hosting from on-prem servers to cloud based or a hybrid situation. Our infrastructure architects can design a system that optimizes licensing of software as well as a high performing end user experience. We work with our customers to deliver strategic technical roadmaps to reach their goals or achieve compliance. Asponte is always keeping an eye on the bottom line ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI) with all our systems architectures.

On-premise to cloud server(less) environment planning, implementation, management, support, and more.

Asponte’s Role in Advancing IT Infrastructure

We’ve helped various organizations overcome their unique challenges by creating advanced and flexible IT infrastructure solutions.

Case Study 1: OG&E

OG&E, an energy provider serving nearly a million customers, faced frequent downtime and performance issues on their customer website platform. Asponte stepped in to migrate their system to a Kubernetes cluster, dramatically improving the platform’s resiliency and performance, particularly during high-traffic events like severe weather. Read the full case study here

Case Study 2: Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a global medical technology company, was grappling with performance issues on their website. Asponte Technology conducted a thorough review and optimized their network infrastructure. The result was a significant improvement in website performance and stability, thanks to a customized managed services package. Discover the full story in the case study

Case Study 3: Commonwealth of Massachusetts DOR

The Department of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts faced a looming deadline to update their outdated IBM WebSphere Portal. Asponte Technology assisted in planning, migration, testing, and transition, enabling the Commonwealth to meet their deadline without interrupting critical services. The project also led to cost savings by transitioning from a paid IDE to a free, open-source one.  See the complete case study for details


IT infrastructure solutions address diverse challenges, whether it’s boosting website performance or maintaining essential services. Each situation is unique and demands a specialized approach backed by expertise. Asponte has experience with many types of use cases, we welcome conversations to explore your environment and any questions you might have. Send us a message or call. Contact

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