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Why consider a Managed Service Provider?

There’s no way around it, finding a reliable IT managed services provider is difficult. Especially when you consider the number of new, emerging IT services your business needs to succeed—and how quickly they evolve! Many in-house IT departments don’t have the staff to stay informed on each new innovation, implement that advance, and then manage the rapidly rolled-out updates. It makes sense that businesses are choosing to outsource to an IT managed services provider to stay on the leading edge of innovation without an interruption to their day-to-day business.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of adding a managed services provider to partner with your IT team.

1. Cost Savings

Managed IT services reduce overhead costs and free up resources to focus on core business operations.

IT managed services allow your business to delegate IT processes to other hands, so your in-house team no longer has to worry about intermediate deliverables and has the time to focus on other aspects of your business. Companies find that IT managed services provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to keep up with technology.

By entrusting IT functions to a managed services provider, businesses can be sure that their IT infrastructure is up-to-date and running smoothly, without having to spend a lot of money on new equipment and software. Your business can now save money on IT expenses while still getting the most out of their existing IT infrastructure.

2. Improved Efficiency

Save time spent responding to customer inquiries and resolving issues, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Modern businesses rely heavily on technology to stay competitive, and the need for efficient IT managed services has become increasingly important. IT managed services provide several advantages to businesses of all sizes.

We’ve touched on how IT managed services provide a cost-effective way of outsourcing IT operations by saving time and money spent on managing their IT systems. Next, consider how this in turn enables a business to focus its resources on core activities, like product development and customer service. For example, a managed service provider could automate running code tests or validating user input, accelerating the product development process. Your customers could take advantage of your latest and greatest, cornering the market, while your competition struggles to catch up.

Or, a managed services provider could build customer-facing applications, like data portals, that provide more ways for your customers to interact with your business. These applications can automate troubleshooting customer service issues, respond to simple customer inquiries, and reduce the number of inbound calls to live customer service agents that in turn improve customer satisfaction.

3. Access to Expertise

Gain access to a team of talented professionals with specialized knowledge and expertise, without adding employees.

An IT managed services team provides businesses with access to a team of experienced IT professionals. A team that will help them identify and address any potential issues in your IT infrastructure, and make sure your business avoids costly downtime.

Your business can take advantage of a full suite of IT Managed Services that can handle the heavy lifting when it comes to high end systems administration– monitoring, management, backup support and critical situation management.

4. Increased Security

Secure your data and protect against future cyber threats.

Data security is essential. IT managed services provide the added security businesses need to protect their data and their reputation from malicious digital activity. IT managed services help businesses improve their IT security by dealing with a variety of security threats in real-time and by detecting and protecting critical systems and data by identifying system vulnerabilities.

With an IT managed services provider providing oversight, businesses can detect suspicious activity and block it before any data can be compromised. Malware threats can be easily identified, and measures taken to contain it, without an in-house specialist on site to address each attempt.
Furthermore, delegating IT security to an IT managed services provider ensures a specialized team oversees all the latest security updates and patches, keeping your systems up-to-date and secure.

5. Scalability

Maximize your business potential by adapting quickly to evolving demands.

Your direct competition has a new, time-saving mobile app attracting your customers and affecting your bottom line. An upcoming state or federal regulation requires a major change to your infrastructure to maintain a contract. Regardless of the change on your horizon, a solution is needed– fast. By outsourcing IT operations, businesses of all sizes can access the latest technologies and benefit from the expertise of managed service providers. Enjoy the ability to quickly and efficiently adjust business resources to expand or contract IT operations through the IT managed services provider in response to market fluctuations.

Consider a mid-sized retail chain looking for ways to expand its operations without increasing their IT budget. Using a scalable IT managed services solution, like a virtualized infrastructure, would allow that business to quickly and easily add or remove servers and other IT resources as needed. That business can rapidly expand their operations to meet customer demand without having to invest in additional hardware or personnel.



Managed services can offer a wide range of benefits to businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructure. From cost savings to improved operational efficiency, managed services are a great way to outsource IT and reduce overhead costs. Not only do managed services lower costs, but they also provide extensive security, scalability, and support capabilities. These benefits are just the beginning of the wide range of advantages associated with managed services. C-suite executives should consider adopting managed services for their business to ensure that their IT operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

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