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Unlocking Maximum Potential Productivity isn't just about working harder; it's about working smarter. With Asponte Tech's suite of tools, including XDT – Extreme Developer Tools and Smart Support, we provide the means for businesses to streamline their processes. We focus on eliminating bottlenecks and fostering a culture where results are a direct outcome of engagement.

Asponte XDT Tools: Streamlining the Digital Experience, One Tool at a Time
In the complex world of digital platforms, even minor inefficiencies can escalate into significant roadblocks. These challenges can hinder both content creators and developers, leading to delays, increased costs, and missed opportunities. Enter Asponte’s XDT tools – engineered to simplify, enhance, and revitalize the HCL Digital Experience platform experience.

Facing Inefficiencies with the HCL Digital Experience?
With a legacy rooted in platforms such as IBM DX, WebSphere Portal, and Web Content Manager, Asponte understands the intricate challenges of these platforms. We’ve taken these insights and channeled them into developing XDT tools, which are specifically tailored to address and overcome these hurdles.

More Than Just Tools: A Holistic Approach to Digital Excellence
Asponte’s XDT tools don’t merely provide solutions; they revolutionize the way you work with the HCL Digital Experience platform. By drastically decreasing development and troubleshooting timelines, they enable quicker turnarounds. Streamlined content authoring processes remove friction, empowering authors to focus on creativity and quality. And when it comes to platform ROI, the efficiency and agility offered by XDT tools ensure optimal returns on your investment.

A Glimpse into Our XDT Arsenal
Each XDT tool is designed with a specific purpose, ensuring you have the right solution for every challenge:

  • Alerts: Stay informed and proactive.
  • Analytics: Gain insights for continual improvement.
  • Authoring: Effortlessly craft and curate content.
  • Bookmark: Quickly access vital resources.
  • File Manager: Organize, access, and manage with ease.
  • Forms Lite: Simplify data collection without compromising on functionality.
  • Search: Find exactly what you need, when you need it.
  • Video Manager: Efficiently handle and showcase multimedia.
  • WCM Snapshot: Capture, analyze, and utilize content snapshots.
  • WCM Utilities: Tools designed to enhance your Web Content Management experience.
  • WCM Widgets: Integrate, customize, and enrich your content display.


With Asponte’s XDT tools, the goal is to not just solve challenges but to redefine your entire experience with the HCL Digital Experience platform, turning potential roadblocks into opportunities for efficiency, creativity, and growth.