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The Laboratory

Empowering Content Authors with Asponte’s Xtreme Developer Tools for HCL DX and IBM WCM

The tools utilized by developers and content authors are critical to create superior digital experiences. Asponte Technology created a series of developer tools known as Xtreme Developer Tools (XDT), designed to increase the capabilities of the HCL Digital Experience (DX) platform / IBM WebSphere Portal.

The Genesis of XDT

Asponte embarked on a journey to create a set of tools that could address these challenges, identifying the diverse digital content management and web development challenges faced by every organization. The result was the XDT suite, a collection of tools designed to enhance productivity and streamline digital workflows for WCM users.

Enhancing User and Developer Experience

The XDT suite utilizes a user-centric design philosophy that enables digital content management through its easy-to-use interfaces. For developers, the Custom Authoring Tools and WCM Widgets significantly enhance their capabilities, making the creation and management of digital content more straightforward.

Integrative Capabilities

Seamless integration is a hallmark of the XDT suite. Whether it’s linking videos from public streaming services through Video Manager or ensuring secure rendering of WCM content, the integrative capabilities of XDT tools extend the functionalities of the HCL DX platform.


A Closer Look at Key XDT Tools

  • Alerts: A robust notification system powered by DX, offering widgets, webhooks, and text integration for real-time alerts, enhancing communication and responsiveness.
  • Bookmarks: Keep track of your content effortlessly and get “quick links” to your content even if its location changes, ensuring easy access and organization.
  • Bootstrap Widgets: We’ve created over 30 drag-and-drop WCM components built for the Bootstrap framework, that transform the grind of page development into a simplified, efficient process.
  • Content Analytics Bridge: Treating all sites as e-commerce platforms, this tool provides deep insights into content performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Custom Authoring Tools: Boost developer activities and minimize troubleshooting efforts for system administrators. These tools include functionalities like Email, EncodeForJSON WCM plugin, Link Utility, and more, enhancing the development and management processes.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard: A custom dashboard in your portal provides an up-to-date view of essential analytics utilizing Google Analytics data.
  • File Manager: The XDT File Manager offers an intuitive document management console, aiding in the organization and control of creative content. By preserving the JCR Database and providing a bulk load assets feature, File Manager enables effective digital asset management.
  • Homebase Toolkit: Enables rapid development and population of an entire intranet. Control permissions, provide tonal analysis for articles, and create three complete functional websites as examples, streamlining intranet setup and management.
  • Search and Replace: Essential for quick rebranding and data modifications in your content. This facilitates large-scale edits, CSS class name swapping, and provides deep level reporting on permissions and access, making content updates efficient and accurate.
  • Snapshot Tool: Capture a snapshot of your entire website or site area, aiding in remote serving, record retention, and daily reporting of website issues.
  • Video Manager: Empower your content authors to manage and display videos effortlessly by simplifying video management from major public streaming services.
  • Forms Lite: Content Authors can create and customize dynamic forms integrated within the DX environment. This is perfect for various applications like lead generation, feedback, surveys, and more. With built-in field validations and an array of form types enhancing data collection and management.



Cost Efficiency and Value Addition

With a limited time offer of 50% off, investing in the XDT suite is a venture towards cost efficiency. The suite not only reduces delivery costs but also improves delivery performance by distributing content to multiple HTTP servers for geo-redundancy. 

50% off the list prices – Offer Valid – Oct 1, 2023 till Nov 30, 2023.

A Leap Towards Digital Excellence

The Xtreme Developer Tools suite by Asponte Technology is not just a collection of tools; it’s a catalyst for digital transformation. Each tool within our suite is crafted to address specific digital workflow challenges, creating a comprehensive solution for organizations to enhance their digital presence on the HCL DX platform and beyond. Explore the myriad of tools offered by XDT on the Asponte website and embark on a journey towards superior digital experiences.