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COVID-19 affecting Your Business? Why the Digital Experience Journey is more important now than ever

COVID-19 is causing employers all over the world to shut their doors and their employees begin working remotely. Is your employee digital experience ready to handle a complete remote workforce?

Having been a fan of fiction entertainment for my entire life, it always makes me smile when something first introduced as fiction for the sake of entertainment becomes a reality. Hover-boards, voice assistants, communicators, and real time hyper-personalized content are just a few examples of ideas that were first introduced to us as fiction that have now become standard in our everyday lives. My joy is thrown out the window when a global pandemic arises. Being an average-aged American, I’ve never witnessed such extreme measures put in place for public safety due to a global crisis like COVID-19. Because employers are being forced to have their workforce telecommute for the foreseeable future, the digital workplace experience is more crucial to employee performance than ever. Let’s take a look at a few concepts around employee digital experiences that are more important today than ever before.

#1 – First off, your corporate intranet.

Is your content organized in a manner that makes it easy to find?
Are you engaging your employees and promoting digital interaction with commenting, liking, and chat?

Is your intranet site accessible to your remote employees?
Are you delivering personalized content to your employees? (PZN increases employee retention and satisfaction?)

Are you capturing the analytics of site usage to continuously update and enhance your corporate intranet to meet the demand of your employees and their site usage?

A corporate intranet should be centered around individual employees, giving each employee a personalized, yet connected experience. If your corporate intranet is not delivering a personalized experience, the COVID-19 forced digital workforce will suffer with a loss of productivity and employee engagement.

#2 – Asponte Technology has launched XDT (Xtreme Developer Tools) product suite.
These are a set of pre-built developer and authoring tools that can easily be implemented with no development time required.

XDT Alerts – Help content authors get notifications and alerts to customers and employees instantly; target a single employee or all employees; invoke on page load or within your custom applications on demand.

XDT Video Manager – Manage all your video content deployed to multiple hosts in a single location within your HCL DX platform, and track their engagement using…

XDT Content Analytics Bridge – Get the most usage data possible out of your site and be able to answer questions such as: who is the most engaging content author? Which list of articles generates more content detail views than any other? What is the most searched for term? Are the search results relevant to the user’s search? How long are they being engaged on the site and/or with a specific content item?

XDT Campaign Management – projects and more projects, easily manage all your content projects in one simple to use interface and launch entire content campaigns with a single click.

The United States government has advised that everyone should avoid large public areas and reduce or eliminate travel. Employees who spend their work time traveling are now having to work grounded at home, barred from traveling. While these employees are already remote, downtime spent waiting in lines, driving, and/or boarding airplanes has vanished and they are now leveraging their employer’s digital platforms much more than before. This increased usage could put a strain on your digital platforms if they are not sized appropriately or scalable to meet the demand. It can also expose weaknesses in content organization should these remote employees begin using systems they are not as familiar with since the way these employees work has changed.

#3 – The last topic we’ll touch on today is employee personalization.

Employee digital engagement is driven largely off of the end user’s personalization experience. Simple things like surfacing articles that are specific to their department or job functions, or surfacing content that is similar in topic to content the user has viewed, or wishing them a happy birthday or work anniversary are quick and simple ways to personalize the employee digital experience.

Getting past the surface level personalization is critical to the long term happiness and engagement of your employees. With the right technology in place, businesses can connect their intranets, learning management systems, and other platforms to take the employee experience to a new, more personalized level.

In summary, the COVID-19 situation is forcing employers to depend on their internal digital platforms and processes instead of in-person collaboration and communication. If the digital platform is not up to the challenge of increased usage both in scalability and information delivery for the expanded remote workforce, employee satisfaction and engagement will decline quickly and the business will suffer.

Protect your employee investment by deploying a highly personalized, scalable, consistent, and easy to maintain digital platform.

Contact Asponte Technology to learn about the options available to deliver a scalable, personalized employee digital platform, and how our knowledge and tools can decrease time to production with a new or updated corporate intranet.