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The Future of Digital Workplace and Employee Collaboration

Asponte Technology featured on CMSWire webinar - The Future of Digital Workplace and Employee Collaboration

Asponte Technology featured on CMSWire webinar

The Future of Digital Workplace and Employee Collaboration

Asponte talked about what the revolution of digital experiences, portals, and content management looks like and how this affects digital workplaces and employee collaboration.

The main topics presented included:

  • Ideas to engage employees in a digital environment
  • What is possible with a modern intranet system
  • How to connect multiple environments that will improve productivity
  • How a great intranet can be set up quickly without complicated IT requirements


In 2020 COVID overhauled the already seemingly rapid integration of technology into our work environments. Consequently, adopting new strategies to keep employees connected & drive collaboration in a digital workspace is often problematic. During the hour-long webinar, Asponte Technology provided insights into engaging employees digitally, the possibilities with a modern intranet system, improving productivity, and how it’s possible to stand up an enterprise level Intranet quickly without a big engagement from the IT / Development teams.

You can watch a replay of the entire CMSWire webinar > HERE <

Over the years, Asponte has built intranets for a wide range of companies.
Asponte developed a new Intranet platform, called Homebase that is built on the framework of HCL Software – Digital Experience. They have worked with this platform for decades and have a deep understanding of how effective and reliable this enterprise-level software really is.

Homebase serves as a solution for companies to help their employees find everything they need in one place while integrating outside data and applications. Everything from documents, forms, HR info, training videos, content, company news, and blogs is available for employees to utilize. Homebase has full integration with 3rd party cloud environments like SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, DropBox, and Twitter, with more being added continually.

It can take months to build a modern intranet that connects multiple environments, data sources and legacy systems – plus it also requires a large team of developers. Asponte will change how organizations set up intranets. With Homebase, it is possible to create a scalable employee intranet in just a few weeks, not months.

Aponte’s history with building intranets spans several large projects. Including the full reconstruction of Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) employee intranet. LIPA needed an improved visual design and updated interface to make the user experience better for both employees and content authors. They wanted a place that employees wanted to visit to find important information, access documents, and engage with fellow employees. Working with the project sponsors and surveying LIPA employees, Asponte found out what employees enjoyed and didn’t.

Most “traditional” intranets are set up in a way that requires the user to involve someone from IT after they have received approval from their department heads to even publish the content. Asponte’s implementation of drag-and-drop authoring included over 20 modular content components, giving LIPA’s content authors the tools needed to create a modernized content without the involvement of IT. To read more of LIPA’s story, click here.

Asponte Homebase has 45 pre-built components and integrations to all major services like Google, Microsoft, Box, and Dropbox. There are 22 page layout templates, 5 page templates, and 6 pre-built style sheets available to pick from that can be easily extended for an even more custom look and feel.

Homebase combines years of expertise from the Asponte development staff along with the HCL Digital Experience that delivers an Intranet solution that can serve as a single platform for organizations of all sizes.