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Homebase DX Toolkit

The Homebase DX Toolkit Delivers Powerful Productivity Enhancing Integrations and Extends the World Class Capabilities of HCL DX Platform.

Developed to empower authors and developers of the HCL DX platform.

Our toolkit is not only developed to empower authors and developers of the HCL DX platform but is also intended to kickstart new HCL DX websites, providing:

  • Ease of Use: Features are provided on the website frontend, within the context of their use, saving countless hours in building components and configuring the website.
  • Administrative Functions: Authors and/or developers have access to functions normally reserved for administrators, such as assigning page permissions, configuring cloud integrations, and even changing the site’s primary logo, accompanied by a comprehensive how-to guide.
  • Customization: Companies can duplicate and easily customize components to meet their unique business requirements.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with Google, Microsoft OneDrive and Sharepoint Online, DropBox, and Box.
  • Rich Content Management: Over 40 prebuilt WCM components and 5 prebuilt page templates designed for rapid content population and management.
  • Advanced Authoring Features: Platform-wide authoring features such as visual version comparison, permissions, tonal analysis, integrated directly into the front end.
  • Specialized Features: Includes Asponte’s Alerting Framework, Forms Lite, Faceted Search, and PortalASA-to-Google Analytics Bridge.

The toolkit provides a “jump start” for customization but is completely usable right out of the box. Its micro-services provide APIs to further extend and customize, with theme CSS designed to be extended and overwritten. jQuery, Bootstrap 4, and FontAwesome development frameworks are provided and optimized for DX implementations.

Furthermore, theme assets are stored in WCM allowing maximum flexibility and cacheability. CSS3 variables and mathematical calculations are leveraged for easy implementation of global style changes and CSS overwrites, positioning this tool as a game-changer for your digital experience sites.


Homebase: Your Comprehensive Intranet Solution

Optimize your company’s collaboration and engagement with Homebase, offering a flexible, enterprise-grade intranet platform. Experience world-class content tools, robust security, and mobile readiness—all at an accessible price. Our features include:

  • Single Sign-On: Integrate your authentication provider like OpenID, MS Azure, or utilize ours.
  • Accessibility: Cloud-powered, granting secure intranet access from anywhere, anytime.
  • Enhanced Productivity: A unified hub catering to all your company’s needs, boosting efficiency.
  • Rich Media Management: Easily organize and manage organizational media like images and videos.
  • Faceted Search: More than just results; enjoy spelling suggestions and enhanced facets for a superior search experience.
  • Mobilized Workforce: Device-agnostic platform that works seamlessly across all devices.

Homebase is the streamlined solution for businesses seeking an effective web platform that encourages creativity and productivity without sacrificing security or affordability.


Includes Two Fully Functional Marketing Websites and a Company Intranet

Marketing and Brochureware Website

  • 2 Complete Microsites
  • Drag & Drop Components

Intranet in a Box
Out of the box” SaaS Intranets can take months to get basic boilerplate content setup. Asponte’s Homebase Intranet can be fully operational in as little as a week if properly prepared.

Google Lighthouse Performance Results:
Highest Google Lighthouse Scores of Known Public DX Implementations

  • Homebase Toolkit Microsite Homepage: 92% SEO 
  • Homebase Intranet Platform Microsite Homepage: 84% Accessibility 
  • Industom Corporate Intranet Homepage: 91% Performance

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