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The Laboratory

People, Data, Content

Digital transformation is a concept that has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. It is an umbrella term that covers many different aspects, from creating new products and services to leveraging existing ones more efficiently. However, while the topics associated with digital transformation can be broad-ranging and complex, one common denominator runs through all of them: people are at the center of every successful digital experience.

When asked what Asponte does the simple answer is, “we build websites”, when really Asponte’s objective is optimizing the engagement that exists between people, content and data.

We live in a world where people, data and content are intertwined. As it becomes more complex, the correlation between the three becomes even more and more important. But, people are the most important component here.

Really, without people there would be no data, no content, and no correlations to find. People are the audience interacting with the content, and sharing their data.
Data is then collected, analyzed, and used to make decisions. Without accurate data businesses are disconnected from the needs of their audiences, but with it they can tailor their digital experience content to the audience.

Content is created, informed by the data and tailored to fit the audience. Content drives data, as people are more likely to engage with content they find appealing, useful and relevant. Think about it this way: people create content, like pictures, documents, videos, and consumer goods. Then, they label it with data that defines the content.

As an example, let’s think about a bottle of wine. Someone created everything you’re thinking of from the liquid contents, to the bottle’s shape and color, the label’s size and font, and up to the type of cork and seal itself. How do you know if a specific bottle is the one you’re looking for? On the label the consumer reads it is a red wine from Napa Valley, specifically a Cabernet Sauvignon from 2018. Those details are all data tags that are linked to the “content” – the wine.

Each and every new piece of content is like a fractal; a world within a world of us all interacting with people’s content and the data tags they used to make decisions. If you can optimize just one of these facets, you will get better results. However, if you optimize all three facets of the equation, you will get exponential results.

The correlation between people, data and content is essential for businesses and organizations to succeed in the digital age. People need to be at the heart of every decision, and data must be used to inform content to meet the needs of the people. Content must also be created in a way that drives data, so that decisions can continue in an informed manner.
When you think about this interplay between content, people, and data as overlapping circles, in the middle of that is where we find engagement.

Asponte optimizes engagement, growing your audience, and your business.

Duffy Fron – Chief Commercial Officer