Liferay DXP

Drop your aging Web Portal for a flexible, secure Digital Experience Platform.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the next-gen, affordable alternative to WebSphere Portal and HCL Digital Experience that can integrate and scale with your company’s growth.

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is the next-gen, affordable alternative to WebSphere Portal and HCL Digital Experience that can integrate and scale with your company’s growth.

Partner Portals

Create a center for collaboration, support, and growth with your partners with a platform designed to simplify complexity.

Employee Portals

Keep everyone in your organization productive, self-sufficient, and connected on a unified platform.

Supplier Portals

Simplify purchasing, support vendors, and increase profitability with a centralized digital marketplace.

Customer Portals

Personalize content, simplify complexity, and make it easy for your customers to do business with you.

Benefits of Legacy System Transitioning

Discover how transitioning from legacy systems to Liferay can revolutionize your business. Learn the secrets to seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, and creating compelling omnichannel experiences that meet modern customer demands. Find out how modernizing your outdated systems can streamline operations, leverage valuable customer data, and enable seamless omnichannel experiences. 

We have strategies that reduce costs, avoid vendor lock-in, and rapidly adapt to changing customer needs.

Unlock the power of seamless omnichannel experiences by transitioning your legacy systems with Liferay.

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Liferay recognized in the Gartner Critical Capabilities 

for Digital Experience Platforms Report

Liferay’s DXP equips businesses in B2B, B2C, and B2E markets with experience management, personalization, analytics, and content management capabilities. It’s best known for its subscription license, giving peace of mind to prospective customers worried about costs, and its extensive architecture, which is valuable to clients whose business skirts the line between traditional B2C experiences and implementations that involve heavier integrations and application development.

As you contemplate the next step in your digital journey, consider the advantages of transitioning with Liferay. This platform not only supports your immediate goals but also positions you for long-term success in a digital-first world. Transform your business with a strategy that leverages the best of your legacy systems while opening new doors to innovation and growth.

Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape staying ahead means letting go of the old and embracing the new. Legacy systems, while foundational to the growth and success of your business, have become significant barriers to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The maintenance costs and operational challenges associated with these outdated systems hinder your ability to adapt and thrive in a market where digital-first experiences are not just preferred but expected.

Liferay presents a transformative solution designed for businesses ready to step into the future. Transitioning from legacy systems to Liferay’s flexible and integrated platform enables you to overcome the limitations of outdated technology, leveraging your existing investments to create seamless, omnichannel experiences that meet the modern customer’s demands. This transition is not just about upgrading your technology stack; it’s about reimagining what your business can achieve with the right tools at its disposal.

Why Choose Liferay for Your Digital Transformation?

Seamless Transition: Smoothly migrate from legacy systems with Liferay’s platform, designed to integrate with your existing technology ecosystem, ensuring a continuity of operations and minimizing disruption.

Enhanced Efficiency: Break down data silos and streamline your operations with a platform that enables you to leverage customer data more effectively, driving insights that power better decision-making and personalized experiences.

Omnichannel Excellence: Deliver consistent and engaging experiences across all digital touchpoints, from web to mobile, ensuring your customers enjoy a cohesive journey no matter how they interact with your brand.

Future-Proof Your Business: With Liferay’s modular architecture and rapid app development capabilities, adapt to market changes swiftly, launching new services and responding to customer needs with agility and precision.

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