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Case Study

SharePoint to HCL Digital Experience Migration

The Habit Burger Grill is a burger-centric, fast-casual restaurant concept that specializes in preparing fresh, cooked-to-order chargrilled burgers and handcrafted sandwiches featuring grilled tenderloin steak, grilled chicken, and sushi-grade Ahi tuna cooked over an open flame. In addition, it features fresh handcrafted salads and an appealing selection of sides and shakes. The Habit Burger Grill has since grown to over 320 restaurants across 14 states and 11 international locations, including seven in China and four in Cambodia. Learn more about our client at

Business Challenges

The Habit Burger Grill called Asponte to deliver an “all-access digital experience” for their internal users. We found their site had inconsistencies such as previously added or changed content that wasn’t represented on the updated platforms system. The forefronting challenge became how to migrate and streamline their content and reconstruct how the content was organized while continuing to allow content updates in the source system.

Habit Burger had done a migration from SharePoint to HCL Digital Experience Platform (DX) in 2021. This project was to migrate the assets that had been created/changed in SharePoint since the migration. Additionally, as some items in the HCL Digital Experience environment looked and behaved differently than they did in the SharePoint site, part of the project was to update the front end assets on the DX site to match the functionality of the SharePoint site.

The client’s goal was to preserve their branding, UI, and the structure of the SharePoint interface on the new, optimized HCL Digital Experience Platform so their users would be familiar with the site and content right away.


Our Approach

Asponte’s assistance and partnership with The Habit Burger Grill sought to create an exceedingly more manageable and engaging omni-channel experience in one environment. To do this, Asponte would also need to ensure that the content aligns and behaves similarly on the platform the users are interacting with the content.

Our methodology began with the migration process by obtaining the SharePoint site exports of the preceding content. Moving forward, custom Asponte code was used to generate file lists from the SharePoint site export and to download all content onto a local machine– ensuring the utmost safety of our client’s content.

The website’s file system then received the content from our custom generated Web Content Integrator feeds, based on the Asponte File Manager. This allowed our consultants to retrieve the relevant content categories programmatically.

After moving to HCL Digital Experience, the functionality of the user interface began operating with the content created and changed from the original SharePoint environment. Asponte was able to rebuild the platform’s content and ensure the proper categorization of this multilayered website.


Software/Products Leveraged

HCL Digital Experience – Sustained use of the Web Content Manager and WebSphere Portal were employed to streamline website content.

Asponte File Manager – A custom Asponte asset that was leveraged as an addition to the HCL Digital Experience content managing software.

Custom Asponte Code – Asponte consultants developed custom written code in order to generate the Web Content Integrator feeds that were needed to ensure the platform’s content was well organized. This allowed Asponte to leverage existing HCL functionality via the Web Content Integrator feeds, but also to work with data in a customer specific format.


Asponte successfully migrated the remaining content from the SharePoint platform to the HCL Digital Experience. Our consultants also reconstructed the user interface assets of the platform to optimize The Habit Restaurant user digital experience. The website is now being leveraged by employees and franchises globally for their Habit Burger Grill information needs– from store setup and employee onboarding to making in-store orders and maintaining contact with corporate.

Since the project’s completion, The Habit Burger Grill has been racking up awards from Entrepreneur and Franchise Times like “Top Food Franchise” and “Top Global Franchise”. At the close of Q1 2022 they reported an increase in sales and an additional 10 locations. By June, another 20 locations and an agreement for an additional 12 locations within San Bernardino county, CA alone.