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Case Study

Freshest IBM WebSphere Portal Version Serves Pepsi Site Stability

Asponte’s guidance and customized training during a major migration saved Pepsi time and money.

Pepsi products are easily recognized anywhere around the world by their red, white, and blue logo on a wide range of beverages. Maybe you are a traditionalist and prefer their classic cola flavor from the late 1800s for its unique, refreshing zing? Maybe you are a soda aficionado waiting for the latest limited edition fruit infusion or soda shop flavor? Behind each best-selling product, Pepsi relies on IBM WebSphere Portal to ensure your favorite is on the shelf the next time you make a soda run.

Business Challenges
Seeing the advantage to a major upgrade, Pepsi set their sights on migrating to WebSphere Portal 8.5 from their existing Vignette portal. Asponte was tasked with evaluating their migration plan, and how to conduct that migration with minimal downtime and including a total rework of their existing procedures.

One of the challenges our team faced on this project was that many of Pepsi’s pages existed on a legacy portal format, and they wanted to take advantage of the new features offered by WebSphere Portal 8.5.

Our Approach
When our evaluation was complete, Asponte reviewed Pepsi’s team through the results and helped map out next steps. One part of our findings included an analysis that shows how their new process would work to utilize IBM’s Portal Page Migration Tool, and how this would affect newly themed work.

Next, Asponte led custom training classes highlighting the new features of WebSphere Portal 8.5 emphasizing performance baselines and review of testing methodologies.

Software/Products Leveraged

  • WebSphere Portal 8.5
  • IBM Portal Page Migration Tool


Asponte’s game plan allowed Pepsi to conduct the migration to WebSphere Portal 8.5 with existing installs, merging them together with the recently-migrated content. This solution allowed Pepsi to avoid wasting time on duplicated effort and money on temporary provisioning hardware that would be discarded at the end of the process.