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Case Study

Data Migration + Management = A Remedy to Improving Health Outcomes

Search Feature upgrade for an international public health services website.

About the Client

South Australia Health (SA Health) governs a range of public health services for 1.8 million citizens across the state of South Australia. The Minister of Health and Wellbeing oversees a portfolio of health services and agencies under the brand name “SA Health”. Local Health Networks (LHN) within the state are responsible for on-the-ground patient care and report to LHN Governing Boards that manage system direction and provider performance.
SA Health’s Online Environment provides information management and communication tailored to each user’s role and a searchable index of policies and protocols key to their mission– “protecting and improving health outcomes for all South Australians.”

Business Challenges

SA Health had used Watson Explorer (WEX) to manage their data, and they had trouble getting support while having issues with boosting not working as expected. Inadequate and scarce application support was on the rise, and SA Health recognized the cost savings and risk mitigation of replacing Watson Explorer.

Our Approach
We replaced WEX for both their public website and intranet with a custom HTML/JavaScript layer that uses the HCL Digital Experience (DX) and its Search REST API.

Key Elements:

  • Replace existing Watson Explorer search engine with Portal Search, to remove overhead of WEX server and licensing costs
  • Use existing functionality of HCL Digital Experience to increase ROI of an existing license
  • Replicate existing functionality while improving accuracy and relevance of results
  • Configuration of the SA Health portal’s HCL Digital Experience V9.0 to provide the site search engine function on the SA Health public website and intranet


We replicated and improved upon the existing search functionality of the SA Health public website for internal and external users. South Australia Health is now set to continue their commitment to protect and improve the health of all citizens. Providers can now focus on the patient and less time searching for and managing the patient’s data.