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Case Study


Asponte’s engagement at Prudential Financial encompassed many aspects. They were all driven by the same end goal, provide an exceptional modern web experience for the employee intranet and to increase the portal utilization both by its end users as well as the internal IT developers.

  • Employee Intranet – Line of Business Enablement
  • Targeted & Personalized Content to End Users
  • In-line Editing & Publishing
  • Agile Development Transformation
  • HCL Digital Experience Portal
  • HCL Connections Environment

Asponte developed a custom HCL DX Portal theme that capitalized on the use of WCM managed CSS for both the global theme as well as each business unit’s site style. In addition, it paved the way for the use of managed pages, WCM projects, and laid the foundation for Prudential’s intranet branding efforts.

The HR group at Prudential Financial was faced with an outdated HR intranet that consisted primarily of links for over 50,000 global employees to access their HR related information. While it was useful, it didn’t provide an engaging experience that the HR team desired. Prudential hired a design firm to help bring their design visions to prototype and subsequently to visual specifications for the development team to implement on the HCL Digital Experience platform. Asponte worked closely with the design firm and Prudential stakeholders to implement the prototypes. The result was Asponte creating 54 unique and reusable WCM components that were implemented across over 1,200 managed pages. The components varied in complexity from basic rich text components to personalized components capable of handling URL parameters and consuming other components within themselves. Prudential wanted to leverage their existing HCL Connections platform so many of the components utilized advanced social rendering features such as integrating HCL Connections media gallery, blogs and files. In the process, Asponte pioneered the concept of “context override” which since has since adopted and was bundled into the HCL DX product.

Asponte also helped the Prudential team to role out HCL DX managed pages feature to the individual business units running on the same portal platform. Implementing managed pages combined with the catalog of drag and drop reusable WCM components allowed business units to stand up and maintain their own portal intranet sites without the advanced involvement of the IT department. It also provided the HR group the flexibility of completely redesigning their own pages without the need of IT’s involvement and multiple avenues of delivering meaningful content to their end users.