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Cloud Migration project

2021 – the year you finally start that Cloud Migration project

What should companies be doing today to successfully migrate their digital environments to the cloud? Our founder, Craig Yerger, has some thoughts that might help.

Cloud Services & Migrations

Over the last several years we have seen a surge in demand for online cloud services. Many companies are migrating their data and services to a cloud environment in order to meet the demands of employees working remotely. Organizations that had already started moving to cloud are accelerating their cloud transformation. Companies that have not started are now asking, how fast can we get something going?

Cloud adoption by the enterprise is increasingly common.
Currently, the majority of enterprises use the cloud in one form or another form while most organizations are leveraging multiple clouds and hybrid cloud architectures. Cloud Computing comes in many shapes and sizes and migration can involve one or many of the types of clouds. Public clouds are defined as having services that are delivered over the public internet, and private clouds consist of secure cloud infrastructure available to only a specific organization. Companies usually use several clouds, both public and private, in a hybrid cloud environment that can also include on-prem computing assets. This multi cloud trend is driven by matching applications to the cloud infrastructure that is best suited to each specific workload. Multicloud strategies add stability while increasing flexibility and scalability.

Digital transformation is a big driver of cloud migration trends.
Organizations are utilizing cloud infrastructures to spur innovation,hone go-to-market strategies, and enhance customer experience. Companies can also leverage the elasticity of the cloud to accelerate development projects and introduce new services and products in their respective markets.

So you think you’re ready for the Cloud?

There are many questions to be answered as it relates to a cloud migration, and businesses of all sizes require assistance in making their cloud journeys. If your technical forecast says “Cloudy with a chance of IT flexibility” then here are some things we’d like you to think about for your cloud migration strategy.

Migration questions to think about…

  • What are the options for rebuilding applications so they will perform optimally in the cloud?
  • Is it worth the hassle to migrate?
  • What are the benefits of cloud migration?
  • What is application modernization?
  • What to do when you get the migration done?

We love it when a plan comes together!
A successful cloud migration entails the planning and execution of a comprehensive strategy that identifies migration goals, creates a timeline, anticipates challenges, and defines the project’s success metrics. Migration plans cover roadmaps, scheduling, project metrics, migration tools, and services, and they include a communication plan for organization leaders, implementers, and other stakeholders.

The Asponte Cloud Migration Methodology aka “This is how we do it”

From strategy to execution, our services help transform existing applications and prepare our clients for the future of business technology. We understand that an effective cloud modernization strategy requires a combination of the correct options while balancing risks and returns.

Our enterprise applications migration services are scalable for all types of applications, from single apps to a large migration of application portfolios that will provide a long-term solution. We leverage data from the discovery and analysis of the current environment to assess business needs and help uncover opportunities and recommend solutions for an optimal cloud migration strategy.

Pull that strategy back in 2021, give us a call and let’s have some fun!

Craig Yerger – CEO Asponte Technology